This site is used to post part-time research and job opportunities exclusively for 'STUDENTS' in A&S and Engineering.

Your position will be available on-line within 24hrs. You will automatically receive confirmation of your posting once it's been approved provided we have your email address (excluding private domestic/child care positions).

Immediately upon filling your position, please be sure to 'Close' your job using the job number, last name, or company/dept name. Postings are removed after 30 days unless you notify us otherwise. You may re-post your position online at anytime using the job number, last name, or company/dept name.

If you wish to post an Internship, this site can only accept on-campus/paid internship opportunities. For posting off-campus paid and/or non-paid internships, please contact the student Career Center at (410) 516-8056.
internships, you must contact the office of Academic Advising at (410) 516-8216.

**Note**  This site does NOT post the following position types: Commission Paid, Initial Investment Required, Independent Contractor, Military Recruiting, Jobs Paying Less Than Minimum Wage, excluding campus research for credit/experiential opportunities.