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Tax exempt status will expire on February 16, 2016

Students who are currently claiming exempt from taxes for their campus job and wish to continue exempt status in 2016 MUST re-file new Tax Exempt Withholding Form/s on or before February 16th.

To re-file new tax withholding forms you must log-into myJHU at http://my.jh.edu; click > HR, then ESS (Employee Self Service). Once in ESS click Payroll Information > Federal and State Withholding. From here, select RENEW and SAVE the record.

If you fail to hit SAVE, your exempt status will expire. You must do this for both federal and state if you wish to be exempt for both. See EXAMPLE at https://orchid.hosts.jhmi.edu/stujob/seoform/TaxExempt_ESSScreen.pdf

For assistance, please contact Student Employment Services at 410-516-8414 or visit our office located in Garland Hall, room 72 (lower level) - NO APPOINTED NEEDED!