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Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Form

In order to accept chemical wastes, HSE needs your contact information, the type and quantity of chemicals to be disposed of, and either the drop off location you will be bringing them to or the location of your lab for those buildings where we pick up directly from labs. Please complete the form below to initiate the process.

Click here to access our MSDS database.  If we are unable to identify your chemicals at the time of drop off / pick up, there is a $400 charge per unknown for sample analysis.

NOTE: We cannot accept Controlled Substances for disposal. Contact HSE at 5-5918 for guidance.

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Section 1 - Contact Information:
Name:* (first and last name)  Phone:* (xxx-xxx-xxxx) 
PI/Supervisor/Lab Director:* (select Other if it's not on the list)  Other PI:
Division:*  Department:*  Lab Location:* (building/room) 

Section 2 - Chemical Information:
Click here to see some sample entries.
Mixture: Contents:* tip Container Volume:* Unit of Measure:* Qty:* Physical State:* Mixture Container: Mixture Contents %:

Section 3 - Drop off Date and Location:
Please select the drop off location to which you will deliver the above chemicals or the location where we will pick them up.
Drop off Location:* drop off schedule

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